Hotfix for SCVMM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 5

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After the installation of UR 5 for SCVMM 2012 R2 there might be some issues:

There are the following known issues:

Problems with hotfix

After installung UR5 you might see these issues:

  • When you try to deploy or migrate a new High Availability (HA) virtual machine (VM) to a cluster, a registered server message block (SMB) share is not displayed as a target path option.
  • The following critical exception occurs in the Storage Refresher during discovery of the replication service:
    ArgumentNullException -- SetCustomOptions
  • Virtual Machine Manager cannot refresh the replica or primary VM without Automated System Recovery (ASR). Additionally, migration of the recovery VM in an IR Pending state does not perform live migration. Replica VMs are displayed as normal VMs.


To solve this issues you have to apply KB3039296

For Installation you have to unpack the downloaded file. Then you just copy the dll-files into the VMM-Installation-Path

More about this in KB…

Problem with Workaround

During scale-out, virtual machines are created that have a duplicate name.


To solve this issue, you have to apply a change to the sproc. therefor you have to run a query against th VirtualManagerDB:

You can findother ways to change this stored procedure in KB3023195

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