AWS and Azure Multicloud Meetup

AWS and Azure Multicloud Meetup

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Hi there,

are you guys interested in topics/sessions that apply to AWS as well as to Azure? Or does your company or you follow a multi-cloud strategy? Then you need to attend this Cross-Meetup. The “AWS Usergroup Munich” and “Azure Meetup Munich” collaborate to bring you two passionate IT guys that will show you solutions/use cases that will work in AWS as well as within Azure. If you still not interested checkout the abstracts of the sessions below.

Thanks to our sponsor Nordcloud we’re able to meet at their location and have food & drinks!

Our code of conduct that we measure ourselves by, can be found here:

18:00 – 18:30 Doors Open, Networking with food and drinks
18:30 – 19:30 Peter Betzler – “Deploying reference architectures”
19:30 – 19:45 Short Break with food and drinks
19:45 – 20:45 Richard Zimmermann – Working with Containers
20:45 – 21:30 Networking


Session: Deploying reference architectures by Peter Betzler (Session will be held in English)

Companies approach the cloud migration very differently. Security consideration play a major role. From all possible configurations only a few remain compliant with regulations and policies. To provide appropriate documentation and instructions and to enforce compliant configurations can become a real challenge. A better approach certainly will be an interactive system guiding the new cloud user to the appropriate cloud infrastructure fitting his needs and fulfill compliance at the same time. Such an interactive system may use the preferred tools to build automated cloud solutions as IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and may provide fundamental application components as code. An interactive composer and all the required tools may be combined in a deployment server. A few clicks and such a deployment server will be available helping the user to set up meaningful, efficient and compliant cloud infrastructures.

Session: Working with containers – a high level comparison between AWS and Azure by Richard Zimmermann (Session will be held in English)

Richard Zimmerman, 31 years old cloud architect at Nordcloud Munich,
working now for about 3,5 years with public clouds.

Run them on top of AWS or Azure, in your own datacenter or at home on your Raspberry Pi – containers are everywhere!
And so are container orchestration tools like Kubernetes or OpenShift.
We’ll have a look at native and 3rd party tools/services at AWS and Azure, at both management consoles,
their usability, customer use cases, a short demo and multi cloud setups.

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