Azure AI-driven Test of ECG Signal Display

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• What we’ll do:
Our Meetup in June 2018 will be about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the medical industry and will be covering various Azure services.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Talk: Azure AI-driven Test of ECG Signal Display
Damiano shows us the current status of an internal BIOTRONIK project, where several Microsoft Azure AI services are used to test the display of electrocardiograms on a medical device with the highest safety class.
It is an end-to-end solution based upon a convolution neural network, classifiers and regression analysis. The presentation is suited for absolute artificial intelligence and machine learning beginners, as the very basics are provided within the event. Additionally, the medical context is explained especially from the technical point of view.
Accompanied by a live demo, development, management and finally the deployment as Docker Container to an Azure Cluster with Kubernetes Orchestration are presented.

The talk will be approx. 2 hours, with a break in between.

Speaker: Damiano Guazzini
Damiano leads the DevOps Team for external devices software at BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG, an international biomedical technology company headquartered in Berlin.
In the last 10 years, he worked in the biomedical and automotive industry as software developer with a strong focus on testing. Prior to this, he used to be a scientist: he studied computer-oriented particle physics and published several papers for high energy physics journals.

• Important to know
Please note: the entrance is from 18:00 and the Meetup itself will start at 18:30.

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