Azure Cosmos DB: Yes to NoSQL with the MongoDB-API

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Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s proprietary, globally distributed, multi-model database service for managing NoSQL data in the cloud. It supports a variety of well-known NoSQL database API´s. One of them is the MongoDB. It is one of the most popular NoSQL databases and offers the .NET developer some advantages over known SQL databases. The Azure and MongoDB expert Gregor Biswanger shows in his session, the most important basics about NoSQL and MongoDB, and how to use them with the Azure Cosmos DB.

Gregor Biswanger (Microsoft MVP, Intel Black Belt and Intel Software Innovator) is a freelance consultant, trainer, author and speaker. He advises large and medium-sized companies, organisations and agencies on all aspects of software architecture, cloud, web and cross-platform development with C# and JavaScript/TypeScript. His focus is on the MEAN-Stack, ASP.NET-Core, Docker, Azure, Domain-Driven Design and Microservices.

In addition, he writes online as a freelance author for and also likes to publish articles for trade magazines. He is an international speaker at numerous conferences and in communities. You can reach him at

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