Azure Premium Storage – the sky is the limit

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There are so many news, features and Upgrades in Azure…

But now one really cool feature is generally available: Azure Premium Storage

Azure Premium Storage - Portal

Premium Storage is ideal for I/O-sensitive workloads, like databases, CRM, … You can attach several premium storage disks to a VM in Azure and so you are able to provide up to 32 TB of storage per VM with more than 64.000 IOPS and 1 ms latency for reading Operations. So it should fit for most of us 😉

Azure Premium Storage - HDDS

Durability of Azure Premium Storage:

Durability of data is of utmost importance for any persistent storage option. Azure customers have critical applications that depend on the persistence of their data and high tolerance against failures. Premium Storage keeps three replicas of data within the same region, and ensures that a write operation will not be confirmed back until it has been durably replicated. This is a unique cloud capability provided only be Azure today.

In addition, you can also optionally create snapshots of your disks and copy those snapshots to a Standard GRS storage account – which enables you to maintain a geo-redundant snapshot of your data that is stored > 400 miles away from your primary Azure region for disaster recovery purposes.

Azure Premium Storage - sizing

Regions for Azure Premium Storage:

Premium Storage is available today in the following Azure regions:

  • West US
  • East US 2
  • West Europe
  • East China
  • Southeast Asia
  • West Japan

Other regions will be available in near future

So enjoy Azure Premium Storage und premium Speed 😉

If you Need futher Information have a look here: Microsoft Azure

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