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What do you do on May 28th?! Where will you be on May 28th? You don’t know?! Let me tell you: You will be in the Netherlands, in Veenendaal and visit Azure Fest NL 2020

Azure Fest NL

You don’t know what Azure Fest is … in the words of the organizers:

Azure Fest NL is a free, single day event for all things Azure; Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform.

We bring together local community speakers and world-class international speakers sharing real world experiences, best practices and the latest Azure developments.

You can watch the 2019 after movie here!

So don’t miss this free event packed with a lot of knowledge and awesome topics. Mark your calendar now and I will see you there.

I will be talking about how Azure PaaS and Networking fits together …

Azure Fest Eric Banner

As announced last week … this is not the only chance to see me. Have a look at the upcoming events for H1

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