[LEARN] Azure Certification Updates for 2020

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Earlier this year I posted a list of Certifications around Microsoft Azure for 2020 … just one week later, Microsoft announced some Azure Certification Updates. Let’s have a look into those changes…

What changes with the Azure Certification Updates?!

Microsoft announced that they have updated the certifications to better fit to the roles they are meant for. I absolutely appreciate this, as during my certifications I have seen a lot of questions that were not really related to the role.

What changes is:

  • AZ-103 becomes AZ-104 (this update will be published in March)
  • AZ-203 becomes AZ-204 (this update will be published in late February)
  • AZ-300 becomes AZ-303 (this update will be published in March)
  • AZ-301 becomes AZ-304 (this update will be published in March)
  • AI-100 becomes AI-102 (this update will be published in March)

The old certifications will still be available for 90 days to allow people for a transition. After this, only the new certifications are available. If you have the “old” certifications you can also go for the new ones and renew your Certification runtime. Also Microsoft states that you will receive a batch, which is showing that you are up-to-date

So, this means that our overall list will change to:

In a side note Microsoft announces that there will be more Azure Certification Updates and changes in the future…. so let’s see…

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