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Over the last weeks we have discussed several options to learn Azure in 2020. Today, let’s have a look into Azure Classroom Trainings. Besides learning through online paths, learning videos and books … the classical classroom training is still relevant for many people.

Available Classroom Trainings

You can find an instructor led course for each and every exam path you want to follow. The overview of available classroom trainings can be found at the Microsoft Learning website.

list of Classroom Trainings fpr Azure certifications
Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/azure-training.aspx

As you can see most of the courses are separated into multiple parts. But most training providers will offer them all together as one full training block. The content is shaped to learn for the exam and covers exactly what will be asked in the exams.

That also means we might see new versions of those trainings as the certifications and focus areas will change in March/April.

PROs of Classroom Trainings

Sometimes I get asked, why Classroom Trainings are still such a big topic. Well, there are some PROs:

  • instructor led – means you have someone who can help you
  • fixed time – mostly a few days or a week … so no way to postpone things
  • lab environment – training provider takes care of PC, Internet, Demo-Accounts etc.
  • other attendees – exchange, learn and chat with others
  • off-site – trainings are mostly held in locations of training provider, brings you out of business and let you focus on the training
  • questions – if something is not clear, you have the chance to ask …

CONs of Classroom Trainings

But there are also some CONs on the list:

  • not up-to-date – most classroom trainings have an older timestamp, as it is more difficult to keep them up-to-date, compared to an online learning path
  • fixed time – if you have to run a business, it is sometime hard to take yourself out of business for a full week
  • off-site – trainings require you to travel, no chance to do it from home, or after work
  • focused – most courses are focused on achieving the exam skills … but you may have more questions than this … depend on the instructor


It really depend on your own feeling.

Do you like to sit in a room with others … learn from an instructor … have a full week of content … and then you are done. –> Go for classroom trainings

Or are you more the person who consumes on its own … learns when time is right … focuses only on topics that are interesting. –> follow the self-learn paths, videos and books

Or even better: combine it!

Start with an instructor-led training and keep on going with the virtual paths and training options. So you don’t lose track and keep engaged with the topics you learned.

So happy learning 🙂

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