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As already announced, from Monday 06.01.2020 onwards, an article on the subject of Azure will appear daily on this blog. In order to distinguish the respective contents a bit better, there will be a marker in the headline.

So all readers of the blog, all e-mail subscribers, RSS feed readers, LinkedIn users and Twitter followers are always informed about what the article is about.

The following markers are used:

[BASIC] – Monday’s article with Azure Basic Knowledge

[DEEP] – Deep Dive Article on Tuesday

[CODE] – Code examples, tips and tricks on Wednesday

[OSS] – Thursday Open Source on Azure Content

[NEWS] – News of the Week on Friday

[LEARN] – Training topics on Saturday

[COMMUNITY] – Community Content on Sunday

For all articles that do not follow the weekly schedule, e.g. the obligatory conference content and slides, or announcements about Meetups, etc., the following marker is displayed:

[BLOG] – everything else that ends up on the blog

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