[LEARN] Upskill your career with Microsoft OpenHack

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If you have never heard about Microsoft OpenHack … you should keep on reading. Because this is a unique opportunity for raising the bar of your own skill. So let’s have a closer look on OpenHack

What is OpenHack?

To say it without my own words:

Microsoft OpenHack is a developer focused event where a wide variety of participants (Open) learn through hands-on experimentation (Hack) using challenges based on real world customer engagements designed to mimic the developer journey.

OpenHack is a premium Microsoft event that provides a unique upskilling experience for customers and partners. Rather than traditional presentation-based conferences, OpenHack offers a different unique hands-on coding experience for developers.

Source: https://openhack.microsoft.com/

So … this is your chance to have a deep hands-on technical experience which will improve your skills! Sounds great?!

Which topics are covered?

Each event comes with its own topic and requirements. So best way to find out about a current topic is to have a look into the Event-Website. But overall the following topics are covered:

Microsoft OpenHack Topics

Where can I find an OpenHack event?

There had been events all over the world:

OpenHack events

Right now there are some more events planned in Europe and in the US. So don’t waste time … register now.

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