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Today just a quick one on Microsoft open source projects and how you can contribute.

If you ever wondered how to find out which open source projects Microsoft is running then I have a solution for you. Under opensource.microsoft.com Microsoft is keeping an up-to date overview of current open source projects:

Open Source Website
Source: https://opensource.microsoft.com/

The official description states:

Thousands of Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source every day across every platform, from the cloud to client operating systems, programming languages and more.

Popular projects include Visual Studio CodeTypeScript, and .NET. Microsoft’s open source code is released under Open Source Initiative-approved licenses such as MIT and Apache 2.0.

Some of the most important tools of Microsoft can be found here, like VS Code, the new terminal or PowerShell. All open source projects are hosted on GitHub. So feel free to contribute and make things better 🙂

happy contributing

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