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There is one more announcement in the new year

I have started this blog as a German language blog. For one thing, because there were only a few good German blogs. For another, because it seemed easier to me.

But I soon had to realize that the audience for a tech blog is a bit more international. Therefore I have been writing articles in German and English for some time now. Today, 176 of the more than 680 articles on this blog are translated into English.

This is all done manually by me… I don’t earn any money with the blog, so I can’t afford a translator to do the work for me. Unfortunately, all online translators do not deliver the quality that would allow you to automate the translation process.

Now I’ve decided to turn it around… from 06.01.2020 on all articles will be published in English language. A German translation will be done if the topic requires it or if a translation is possible without great trouble.

On the one hand, this makes it possible to reach a larger target group. On the other hand, I hope to attract one or two people out of their comfort zone.

We work in IT… everything here is English anyway!

So here we go…

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