Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup Vault – ASM to ARM Migration

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Maybe you have already heard, that i really love Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery…

so today i am totally happy to announce this:

migration of ASM (old portal) based Site Recovery and backup vaults is now available!


The feature of Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery is existing for some time in the “old” portal. In ASM we devided the vaults into backup vaults and Site Recovery Vaults. These had been two different services for their specific need. Many customer who have started in ASM times are still on this model, because it was not possible to start over…

But todays investments into ASR and Azure Backup are only brought to ARM…so for example Hyper-V ASR to Premium Storage


So for a long time there have been questions for a migration path…


In May 2016 Microsoft announced, they made ASR and Azure Backup available in the “new” portal…using ARM … and so for example also available in CSP:

Azure Site Recovery now has a simplified experience plus support for ARM and CSP

With this change, they also changes the vault behaviour. From this time on in the new portal, there is only one Recovery Vault for both, Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery

But there was no real answer to a migration scenario…



Now the seamless Upgrade from old ASM based Vaults to new ARM based Vaults is available.

But there is one step before the upgrade:

 There is significant demand for upgrading to the RS vault, and we are expecting a number of customers to sign up for upgrade. To streamline this process, we will be releasing customers into the upgrade queue in batches. You can sign-up for upgrade using the following links:

Once your subscription has been white-listed for upgrade, Microsoft will contact you to proceed with the upgrade.

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