Microsoft Azure – new Datacenter Regions in Africa announced

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If you have a look at the maps of different cloud-provider regions, you can see, that there are some white spots. For example in Russia or in Africa.

In the past we thought a datacenter in Africe is not easy to build and because of the climate not easy to run over a long time. Also the overall infrastructure could be a problem.

Last year Microsoft showed off their plans for underwater datacenters. So you could think about, thats the plan for Africa. Put the datacenters into water, so there are no cooling issues anymore…you could use the underwater cables for connection and place datacenters near the big cities at the coast.

Microsoft Azure – Johannesburg and Cape Town

Now Microsoft announced, they will deliver cloud services from Johannesburg and Cape Town beginning early 2018. So Microsoft is the first public cloud-provider entering Africa and providing services from here…

In Africa we will get the same services like all over the world: Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Services

Aside the availability of a new region a step forward in the global fight of regions, Microsoft achieves a bit more with this step. Their mission to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” is the headline in every presentation. When running datacenters in Africa they do a big step towards this and enable thousands of companies and people to learn, develop and grow their personality and business.

Azure Regionen – worldwide

So the count of global Azure Regions is raised to 40 now. While 36 of them are already online, 6 others are announced. Along with Africa, there will be new Regions in France and US Government…


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So let’s have a look, what “the others” will do…

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