Windows 10 Creators Update – New GPO Settings

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Everybody was waiting for the Creators Update…everybody worked hard to get everything ready for it…and there it was!!!


so far…not bad…but there are still some little things to take care of in your environment. Some of the most popular things to do are:

  • figure out new GPOs to configure
  • integrate new ADMX files
  • configure GPOs
  • test
  • cry

So actually figuring out the new GPO settings in a new Windows 10 release sometimes feels like hide and seek. So unfortunately there is no documentation or release guide regarding the new GPOs in 1703.

But today i can help you:

Microsoft has released a new version of the Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows 10

In this Excel-File you can find all the settings for Windows 10. And you can filter which specific Windows 10 Version brought a new setting and also which Systems will apply the setting


So enjoy digging into it..

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