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You always wanted to start blogging? You have created an article, but never posted it? You want to share an important topic with as much people as possible? You want to share Your Content but don’t know how? Then this is for you!

Why guest posts?!

I know how hard it is to start the first blog post. There are many excuses, like:

  • I have no website
  • I don’t know where to publish
  • Nobody will read it

But to be honest: the only way to get rid of those excuses, is to start!

This is why I want to open up my [COMMUNITY] section on Sundays for others.

How to get Your Content in?!

It is as easy as this … to send your idea in, just follow this Forms

Forms to send in Your Content

Out of all sent ideas I will create a schedule to post your content. For the final details I will reach out to you via E-Mail.

So bring in your content!!! 🙂

Rules for [Community] posts?!

There are some simple rules for the posts:

  • topic must be related to Azure
  • content must be written in English
  • you must be the owner / creator of included pictures / drawings etc.
  • no advertisements, no product placements, no company placements
  • there is no payment involved, neither for you nor for me
  • content must be provided till Friday before scheduled post time (more info via mail)
  • I will push through my social media
  • you are asked to do the same

The content is fully yours … you will be mentioned as the publisher … feel free to include a short intro of yourself

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