PDT: PowerShell Deployment Toolkit 2.65.2620 verfügbar

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Es wurde eine neue Version des PowerShell Deployment Toolkit veröffentlicht. In Version 2.65.2620 gibt es folgende Verbesserungen und Ergänzungen:

Update bzgl. unterstützte Anwendungsversonen

  • SQL 2012 SP2 CU1
  • WAP UR4
  • WAP Websites v2 UR4
  • Updated prerequisites to latest versions


  • Support for new WebPI 5.0
  • Support for multiple versions of a file during validation checking
  • Support for using slipstream SQL 2012 SP2 media
  • Support for PeaZip for extraction
  • Better error handling and dealing with bad URL links
  • Support for MSI extraction
  • Fix for unblocking downloaded files
  • More process status information during execution
  • New cmdline option -Getlatest, forces an update of all the files in the Installer directory. Can be combined with –deploymentonly
  • Added Get-Help information to the source


  • Creates VMSwitch if doesn’t exist on the Hyper-V host (Internal and Private switches only)
  • New cmdline switch for logging -EnableLogging. This switch enables a log to be created of the virtual machine creation process
  • New cmdline switch for MAXStage.  This parameter allows you to configure how much of the deployment that VMCreator will complete. Valid options are: 1Admin, 2ServerFeatures, 3SQLClusters, 4SQL, 5Prereqs, 6Roles, 7Integration. Each stage includes the actions of the previous stage
  • Better error handling
  • Better execution status information
  • Starts virtual machine if created when AD is already complete for greenfield deployments
  • Fix for duplicate DomainAccountList values
  • Fix for Firewall Rules
  • Added Get-Help information


  • Added a new validation type for creating SQL Clusters
  • Added Get-Help information
  • Added new Skip Validation option for Media


  • Modified the validation approach for all SQL cluster creation to improve validation success
  • Updated WAP installation routines to deal with UR4 changes
  • Updated management pack information
  • Updated SQL information
  • Updated WAP and WAP Websites information
  • Updated WebPI information
  • Added basic support for SQL 2014 for standalone DB servers

Variable Updates

  • Support for ServerAdminGroup – group that is added to local administrators in each VM for that role
  • Support for AGMEMBERS – group membership variables for each role
  • New PrimaryDC support – defines the primary DC to use for AD actions
  • New VirtualSwitchType – defines the switch type INTERNAL or PRIVATE for automatically creating the switch if it does not exist on the Hyper-V Host
  • <DOMAIN> <EXISTING> – defines if the domain exists already TRUE or not FALSE – you no longer have to delete the domain section for the greenfield/non-greenfield deployments


Das PDT steht in der TechNet Gallery zum Download zu verfügung.

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