Exchange Connector 3.1 for System Center Service Manager

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Some days ago Microsoft released Version 3.1 of Exchange Connector for System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager.

The Connector connects Service Manager to Exchange Server for processing incoming emails related to work items. Once the Connector has been configured to monitor Exchange mailboxes, you can use it to create and update work items based on templates specified by the administrator. By specifying special keywords to look for in the incoming emails, you can configure the Connector to perform actions like approving or rejecting review activities, or enable activity implementers to mark activities assigned to them as completed.

Exchange Connector SUchbegriffe

System Center Service Manager Connector 3.1 for Exchange contains fixes for various issues. List of issues which are now fixed:

  • Connector sometimes create multiple work items against a single email request.
  • connector gets stuck processing e-mails when large e-mails containing complex HTML formatting are processed.
  • connector fails to process the emails if it contains a ‘.msg’ file as attachment.
  • Connector sometimes consume very high memory (several GBs) when updating Work Items.
  • A new User CI is created in CMDB, if an external user (who is not in CMDB) is a To/CC recipient in the email which Exchange Connector processes. With this senders can accidently add new users in the CMDB, if they add any external users in the To/CC of an email which they are sending to the Exchange Connector monitored mailbox. This behavior is now configurable.
  • Voting for a Review Activity using the Exchange connector does not update the “VotedBy” field in the Review Activity.
  • Exchange Connector adds a new reviewer in the Review Activity when a user who is not in reviewer’s list sends an email to approve/decline that particular Activity.

Here you can see a possible workflow using Exchange Connector:

Exchange Connector Workflow#

Here you can download Exchange Connector 3.1

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