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If you have a look at the list of native available services, Features and Bundles in Azure, you can find 123 Services (based on June 15th 2017).

With this amount of services it is still impossible to keep up with changes and announcements…

On top of this you have to figure out the availability in the 40 Regions and to think about services which are important for you.

And if you kept on reading there are daily and weekly changes, news, announcements and updates to figure out 🙂

Overview -Azure Roadmap

With Azure Roadmap Microsoft provides a Site to figure out released, preview and developed features and services

Azure Roadmap

As Azure continues to grow, we want to keep you informed—so that we can plan for the future together. This product roadmap is the place to find out what’s new and what’s coming next. Let us know what you think by providing feedback and voting on items. You can also subscribe to notifications, so you’ll always be the in the know.


You can find three different roadmap status messages on this site


You can search the site manually by filtering or you can use the RSS feed

Overview – Azure Updates

To keep track of the ongoing changes and updates in Azure there is another website, listing all the updates in Azure Services:

Azure Updates


This site can also be subscribed via RSS or you go ahead and search it manually. Some good filters enable you to get information you really need to know…


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