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There is currently a lot of new information about Microsoft Intune:

Microsoft Intune: November Update

One big change has happend in nevember when “Windows Intune” was renamed to “Microsoft Intune“! Also in November Service Update for Microsoft Intune lots of features were added. Also the new User Interface was Introduced. I recently posted about this: Intune: November 2014 Update

Microsoft Intune User Interface

One new thing since november update is the ability to manage Windows Phone 8.1 devices without a Symantec certificate. Actually this is only possbile when using Intune in Cloud-Only Deployment. If you use it in hybrid mode with SCCM you still need the certificate. The ability for SCCM will be delivered later. If you are going to deploy custom apps to devices you still need the certificate, because the app has to be signed with it. Otherwise the Windows Phone would not accept the app.

Microsoft Intune: December Update

Since December 8th a new Service Update is rolled out. As outlined at TechEd North America, there is a new update for Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). The following features are rolling out right now:

  • Mobile Application Management
      We are rolling out the containers (and everything associated with the containers) that enable you to separate corporate data and apps from consumer apps, as well as enable the free sharing of content across corporate apps while blocking the sharing of data from corporate to consumer apps. This work includes a container solution on iOS and Android.
  • Conditional Access to Exchange Online
      You can now restrict access to Exchange online to devices that are enrolled for management and meet the compliance policies you require for corporate e-mail to be used on the device. Conditional access for Exchange 2013 (on-prem) was shipped in November.
  • Managed Browser
      We are releasing a managed Browser app for iOS and Android devices that controls the actions that users can perform, including allow/deny access to specific websites. This enables organizations to have corporate websites (and links in e-mail to corporate sites) flow through a managed browser and keep it separated from the user’s personal web browser on iOS and Android devices.
  • Deep Management of the Office Mobile Apps on iOS and Android
      You can deeply manage the behavior of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iOS and Android, including the ability to restrict actions such as cut, copy, paste, and where users save their files. The Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps in the Apple App Store are instrumented to be managed by Intune and participate in the MDM and container that is delivered today. The same is the case for the Office mobile apps for Android that are in preview today. The Office mobile apps are only participating in the Intune MAM/container solution.
  • Managed PDF View, AV Player und Image Viewer Apps
      The managed apps for Android devices enable you to open corporate videos and documents within managed apps where you can control how that data is used and keep it separated from personal content. For iOS we are relying on the in-line of included viewers.
  • Bulk enrollment of iOS devices using Apple Configurator
      Integration with the bulk enrollment capabilities from Apple to simplify the enrollment process for bringing lots of iOS devices under management. We have also integrated with the Apple Configurator to enable the creation of configuration files that can then be imported into Intune to set custom iOS policies.

With this set of releases, Microsoft is now delivering a complete Mobile Application Management (MAM) including deep integration with the Office mobile apps as the centerpiece. In fact, the only way that you can deeply manage the Office mobile apps is through Intune. Combine Microsoft MDM, MAM, and Office integration with the other components of the Enterprise Mobility Suite and there is no doubt Microsoft is delivering the premiere solution for Enabling Enterprise Mobility.

Microsoft Intune: Further Infos

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