Microsoft MVP 2019-2020 – Thank you!

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It was that time again…once a year thousands of MVPs sit at home in front of their computers and wait for the one mail…the mail that decides if there is a reason to celebrate or to mourn.

MVP Renewal Day takes place regularly on July 1st. For this purpose, Microsoft examines the community activities of the last 12 months, looks at what effects they have had and how each individual MVP has contributed over the year.

Microsoft then announces the result in a mail….and everyone is waiting for exactly this mail….so am I… and fortunately:


Many thanks to all who have supported me on my way so far.

Many thanks to my wife and my children, who keep my back free, show a lot of understanding and always support me. You are the best!

Many thanks to the great community, to all visitors of my sessions, listeners of the GeekSprech podcast (yes we know we haven’t done anything for a long time), visitors of my website, all those who interact on social media….and all those I forgot now.

Many thanks to my company (COMPAREX and now SoftwareONE) for the support, the freedom to design my work in a way that always leaves some space for the community. Thanks also for the great projects that give me a lot of input for my community work.

Many thanks also to Microsoft, who made this program possible, let me participate now 5 years in a row and stand for us with much support, Insights and know-how to the side.

I’m really looking forward to the coming year… an exciting time. I hope to see you at the Ignite or one or the other Ignite The Tour.

Did I mention: THANK YOU!!!

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