Much to do – little to write?!

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If you visit my blog from time to time, you may have noticed that I no longer blog as regularly, as in the past. There are several reasons for this…

Point 1

I have been with COMPAREX since 2015 and have evolved quickly…have fun…great colleagues and lots of interesting projects.
But exactly these projects take me across the country…and that doesn’t make writing regularly any easier…and I’m not getting any younger and I have to admit to myself that I also need sleep from time to time. (P.S.: it is just 00:40)

Point 2

The work at COMPAREX is also very pleasant because they understand how important community work is in our industry. So I’m free to participate in events, Meetups and other activities.
In 2018 alone I was therefore already on the road at various conferences and user groups (see last posts). Most recently I was with my boss at the Azure Meetup Hamburg. Something like that makes me very happy.
But also the participation in conferences has to be prepared…there is not much time left for blogging…
P.S.: I hope to see you at the Ignite in Orlando

Screenshot der Microsoft Ignite Session Liste mit meinen Sessions

Point 3

The IT world has become so incredibly fast that I sometimes feel old…I know Carsten…you are older 🙂
It is a daily challenge to keep up with the topics and especially written content quickly loses its value, as the next change is just around the corner.
In addition, Microsoft currently has so many channels on which they themselves shout their news, updates and information into the world that my little sweet blog is quickly losing importance.
Translated with

Point 4

As you all know, I’m working with Alex Benoit on the GeekSprech Podcast…you won’t believe how much time and nerves the preparation and postprocessing of a podcast can take…the recording is still the most pleasant part…not to mention technical breakdowns…hear more about this in the Podcast.

Point 5

That I don’t write anything is actually not true…in reality I have actually published quite a lot…only just in other media, pages and channels

Aktuell bin ich sehr aktiv auf Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing

But also in classical media I have created some content in the last months.

Point 6

Besides all these topics I am also working on one or the other project. For example, I just recently completed my second video training for  LinkedIn Learning was recorded. My first course on Azure Governance has been available there for some time…the next one is already in progress.
Another topic is about Twitter and an ominous Test-Post …more about this soon here…


You won’t get rid of me…and even on the blog something will happen every now and then.
Nevertheless, I stick to the attitude that the whole thing must also be fun and should remain justifiable in terms of time. (P.S. it is now 00:48… I should go to bed)
See you at numerous conferences…you can listen to podcasts and if you really want to hear something from me…my employer lends me for a certain contribution to expenses 🙂

P.S.: I forgot one point above: besides all the IT and community topics…I have a family…a great woman who takes wonderful photos…two beautiful daughters…who I also like to see awake…and then lose at Monopoly…and yes I also have a private life and do traditional Taekwon-Do… for more than 20 years.

So… see, read, hear or speak you soon!!!

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