Project EST – Part 00 – Introduction

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Some days ago i received some funny answers to a Test-Post which stated that my test was successfull. Thanks so far:

Screenshot Test Tweet und Antworten

I promised to explain this post a  bit further in the next days…so here we are.

Project EST – Explanation

EST stands for Erics Scheduled Tweets … EST 🙂

Who often visits conferences, writes blogs in advance or creates content for different languages and time zones, may have seen this problem: There is no cool way to schedule Tweets

Well, some may answer with TweetDeck, Hootsuite or … but I was talking about a cool way. So I had some requirements for a suitable solution:

  • as many tweets as I want
  • whenever I want
  • with picture / URL / Hashtag
  • easily create new tweets
  • easily change scheduled tweets
  • easily change picture, URLs and hashtags
  • available on any device

So the number of possible tools reduced quite a bit. Maybe there is some tool wich is able to help here…but “easy” is something different. Also I don’t want to sign a Premium subscription to send more then 10 tweets a day…when I sometimes do not send that much…

EST – the solution

So my last idea was to create an own solution – so learn something and build the solution thats fits best 🙂

How I have done it and what I learned on my way…can be read here in the next parts of this series…

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