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Wow…it is that time of the year…many announcements are around because of Microsoft Ignite…after 5 months I am finally allowed to talk about project “Honolulu” … NDA is gone now

Today Microsoft published a sneak peek of project Honolulu

Sneak peek #4: Introducing Project “Honolulu”, our new Windows Server management experience

Project Honolulu

After it felt like GUI is not a topic anymore, because everybody is talking about core, container and serverless…Microsoft shows its love to Server Management GUI.

Recently in may Microsoft announced the end of Azure Server Management Tools (SMT). In this post they mentioned they stop the program to develop an on-premises solution to align customer requirements.

At this time i was in the middle of testing Honolulu already. A browser-based Server Management solution. With this solution we address several problems at once:

  • Azure SMT was a good tool…but it required an internet connection into the datacenter. Honolulu is an on-premises solution and is able to operate in a disconnected scenario
  • classic RSAT tools require an installation on an equivalent platform. Also they have to be reinstalled after Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade
  • RSAT is only available for Windows….so a cross platform management solution was not available
  • some features never got a GUI management….Honolulu is giving them a home
  • e.g. Honolulu will manage Hyper-Converged Clusters…
  • and many more

This is a screenshot from the Microsoft post:

Honolulu Screen

Source: Microsoft

TheTechnical Preview will be available end of next week and then you can test test test…

At Microsoft Ignite there are several opportunities to have a look on Honolulu

P.S.: I will be aroung at the booth from monday to wednesday afternoon and will show and talk about Honolulu. So if you want to meet me, or just want to have a look at the product…visit us

More Sneak Peeks

While Honolulu was the important news of the day…there had been several announcements:

Sneak peek #1: Windows Server, version 1709

Sneak peek #2: Windows Server, version 1709 hyper-converged infrastructure

Sneak peek #3: Windows Server, version 1709 for developers


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