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After the review follows the forecast … well, almost … I would like to dare a little look back …


2015 was THE year of this blog… never again I had so many visitors as in 2015. in the following years the number of visitors fluctuated. In 2019, they hit rock bottom… no wonder… I did not manage to blog regularly, the content was poor and the blog was only moderately known.

Well then?! Head in the sand? NO

Why the blog?

Recently I have told several times why I started this blog in 2008 … now over the holidays I once again realized how I lost sight of this reason.

The reason: if nobody writes anything down, nobody has anything to google (bing)!

Every time in my career I reached a limit, something I didn’t know, I sought help … then I consulted the Internet. I came across sites that inspired me… I wanted to give something back to the internet… so I blogged.


This is exactly what I want to focus on again in 2020!

So I set myself a goal: AZURE 365

What does that mean?! 365 days this blog is about Azure…with this I force myself to deal with topics that I might not tackle otherwise. but to give the whole thing some structure and you know what to expect one topic is dedicated to each day. So from beginners to experts everybody will find at least once a week a hopefully interesting article.

Starting from 06.01. the weeks will be structured as follows:

  • Monday – Azure Basics
    • Every Monday a topic is dealt with that is necessary to get started in Azure. These can be topics around basic services, principles, tools or ideas. Let us surprise you…
  • Tuesday – Azure Deep Dive
    • Tuesdays are Deep Dive Days. This is dedicated to a topic in depth. Therefore it can be expected that some topics will be dealt with in series over weeks. So…stay tuned
  • Wednesday – Azure Coding
    • Wednesday will be the day of the code. Whether PowerShell, CLI, ARM, Terraform or something completely new … no GUI … only code
  • Thursday – Azure OSS
    • Thursdays will be my personal challenge. It is about Open Source Software on, in and with Azure. Here I will probably learn the most myself 🙂
  • Friday – Azure News of the week
    • As already known from 2019, an overview of the latest Azure News is provided every Friday
  • Saturday – Azure training of the week
    • Saturdays we take care of the further education. From trainings, over certifications, up to courses, instructions, hands-on labs, etc. … all that finds its place here
  • Sunday – Azure Community
    • Sundays belong to the community. This means that I report either about a community event, community content or any other community action. Alternatively, it would be possible to place content from the community for the community. If you are interested…just contact me!

So… let 2020 be the year of blogging!

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