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Here we go again… A year has passed… 2019 has passed… an exciting year… an eventful year… an exhausting year… a fine year… a year

Let us look back at the past year 2019 … and from different angles.


Behind every strong man is a super strong woman! And a super strong family! An understanding family! A family that is a haven of peace despite all the hustle and bustle.

As a rule, my private life is exactly what the word describes: “PRIVATE” – I do not post pictures of my children, I do not write about my free time (apart from food), I separate professional and private life … at least as regards content 🙂

Nevertheless, it is important for me to mention here once again that everything I have achieved in recent years would not have been possible without my family, without my wife. My wonderful wife, with whom I have been married for almost 10 years now, with whom I raise two wonderful children, who always has my back, who endures my many travels, … is the foundation on which pretty much everything rests. Through her I have stayed in Thuringia, I was able to finish my studies quickly, could start my career, do a lot in the community, take on new challenges … and always know that I have a support in all situations in life.

This was also the case in 2019, which was an eventful year for the family:

  • health setbacks in the family
  • spontaneous large orders in my wife’s business
  • Move to a new, larger apartment that perfectly combines working and living
  • Renovation and design of the new apartment
  • Car accidents
  • Water pipe burst during the summer holiday
  • Gardening work
  • School projects, trips, elaborations, …
  • Birthdays, school launches, garden parties, celebrations, …

All in all: A lot to do, some setbacks, but all in all a great result!

Many thanks to all who have supported me, who keep my back free and give me the necessary security!


With all the work and family tasks, it sometimes seems to me as if there is hardly any time left for anything else … and yet there is another important component in my life that strengthens me, distracts me (positively), supports me … and has done so for many years: FRIENDS

I am not someone who collects friends on Facebook like other people collect stamps. I am also not someone who would claim to have hundreds of friends. But I am sure that the friends I have in my life are real friends!

One of my oldest friendships goes back to school days and fortunately continues. Sure, you don’t see each other every day anymore, everyone has a life, a family, a job! But a good friendship means that you can meet again after 3 months and it feels as if it was yesterday. I will not mention any names here, but the one who is meant knows it … thank you very much for your friendship, your support, the one or other whisky and the many down-to-earth conversations! Many thanks also to your great family: You are great!

But also other friendships, which for example have been formed by the children, have been an important part of the last year. Many thanks!

Many thanks also to the best friend of our family, without her we would not have moved into our new apartment. Without her, we would have missed out on so much fun. Without her we would have Cologne, Bonn, well you know… never found 🙂 Many thanks!

In addition there are numerous friends from the community … People you didn’t know before, but with whom you immediately feel connected. Friends who come to Weimar just because you ask nicely. Friends who listen to you, help you with words and deeds, no matter if they are in Munich or at home. Friends who can arrange interesting evenings in Cologne 🙂


One thing that has accompanied my life for over 20 years now is the traditional Taekwon-Do. You may not look at it, you may not imagine it, but I can kick, jump, do the splits, etc.

Unfortunately I lost sight of the sport last year due to the many other tasks. I was much too seldom at training, neglected myself, the sport and the people there and partly certainly disappointed.

Nevertheless, I must emphasize all the more how important this martial art is for me. I started as a 9-year-old, with little self-confidence, no idea about the world … and certainly not about people. Tae kwon do taught me a lot:

  • Self-confidence
  • Body awareness
  • contact with people
  • Organizational structure
  • fighting spirit
  • Humility
  • Self-control
  • calm

So I was all the more proud that this year I had the opportunity to travel to the country of origin of Taekwon-Do and speak there on the Microsoft Ignite the Tour. And yes: I spoke about Taekwon-Do and community … in Korea!!!!

Good intention for the new year: Regular training!


Now what can I say: “The community lives from the community and only those who join in keep her alive!”

I have participated in many different ways. Besides a lot of feedback to the Microsoft product groups, some blog articles, some podcasts, professional articles in magazines and online magazines, votings for the TechNet Wiki, … I was at many conferences, meetups and other meetings!

Furthermore, I was able to accompany some new MVPs and community contributors on their way and hopefully support them positively.


A mammoth year of conferences is over … on more than 15 conferences and community events I have given more than 20 presentations this year. Among them some delicacies like:

  • Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Seoul
  • CDC Germany in Hanau
  • Microsoft Ignite in Orlando
  • ExpertsLive EU in Prag
  • Azure Meetups

Let’s see what happens in 2020.


2019 was also an interesting year from a professional perspective. Having announced the sale of COMPAREX to SoftwareONE at the end of 2018, 2019 was the year of integration (still ongoing).

For me, this also included moving to a new position. In March, I began to grow into my new role as Global Subject Lead for Cloud Compute. In doing so, I continued in my role as Lead Architect in the Azure Team. Slowly but surely I took on my new role more and more over the year and from July on I was almost exclusively occupied with my new tasks.

In my new role, I have global responsibility for services in the cloud compute environment and am responsible for ensuring that our services work, add value for the customer, that customers are satisfied and that colleagues in the countries are trained and ready.

That took me around the world over the year:

  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • India
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Brasil
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Swiss


The year 2019 was almost a little too short for all the things that have happened … and still a great year!

Let us make 2020 an even better year!

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