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The security of the own data is one of the important things in IT today. So most companies almost have implemented complex group and rights structures to Control data Access.

Some of you may have tried the new Dynamic Access Control what was new with Windows Server 2012.
A good reference for DAC you can find here: Windows Server Blog

Also i want to remember you my article series on File Classification Services.

At this point some of you asked how this should be managed?…how to keep everything managed? what happens if there is an issue?…

Rights Management Services

So lets get on step further. You should ask yourself if it is enough to secure the local data access in your environment. What happens when data gets lost? or is unexpectedly sent to the wrong recipient? Tools like DropBox, OneDrive or just your mail account are easy to use, but also easy to let data get lost.

If this happens, your are happy if you have enabled RMS. Here you can find a good overview of Rights Management: RMS Whitepapers

So with RMS you are not only able to control access to data. You can decide who, when, how long,…. a document can be read, printed, edited, … . This also applies if you sent a mail attachement to the wrong recipient.


Now i am waiting for the first of you askig: Another security layer?…who should manage this?… What can i do if something is going wrong?

Today i will show you the answer for the last question:

the Rights Management Services Analyzer Tool

This tool enables you to check your configuration and to troubleshoot any Client issue related to AD RMS or Azure RMS. So you can figure out and solve upcoming issues with RMS…

RMS Analyzer Tool

After downloading the tool, you have to decide which environment you are using and which role your user has:


If there are any connection issues at this moment there will be a prereq test first:


Maybe you can see first configuration issues here:


For some missing prerequistes, there are out-of-box fixes enabled:


As soon as all prerequistes are fixed you can start logging your RMS issue:


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