SCSM: new Portal / UR 8 for System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager released

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Microsoft has released Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2012 R2 Service Manager recently.

Not as i expected there is just a download for the new Self Service Portal available. On the download page is a links to KB3096383 ….but there is no Content.

I wrote about the new Portal in an earlier article

So lets have a look on the bits now:


Prerequisite for installing the new portal is, that your SCSM infrastructure is already updated to Update Rollup 7!

Microsoft provides an installation guide in TechNet: Deploy the New Self-Service Portal

There is written, that yuoo have to update to UR8 before you can install the new Service Portal…but there is now download for it…

So let us install it anyway:


First you have to add the IIS-role and ASP.NET 4.5 Feature. Also you have to enable several IIS role services.




With everything in place you can start the installation:




After successfull installation we can open the new Service Portal with the chosen Port.

Self Service Portal




Some Basic Settings can be edited in ISS console:




In my first tests i have found some issues, that are also confirmed by some fellow MVPs:

  • if installer is not run as an Administrator, the following issue occurs:
  • iisissue

  • documantation is useless and incomplete
  • If you create an incident in the portal the affacted user is the WebSite Service Account and not the user who had opended the website
  • irissue

  • if you try to cancel Service requests with reguired fields…this is not possible because the required fields are not filled

If there are some more issues, please send me a mail, comment this article, etc. I will send full Feedback to the product group

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  1. Sebastian Antunez  - 15. November 2015 - 18:38


    It has installed the new SCCM 2012 R2 portal based on HTML5 and it look very interesting.

    If I have problems with the form of new user.

    In the form displayed start date and end date and the new portal does not display the calendar as displayed in SharePoint Portal.

    Also, in the console displays the date backward in one day..

    Also In the console, the Request is show Submitted but in the User Portal is show Closed

    Someone has worked with the new portal to these fields, I wonder if you should do something additional in the portal to show calendar, and if possible correct the error that date the console is not a day ago ):

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Eric Berg  - 18. November 2015 - 14:37

    Hi Sebastian,

    i understand your frustration.

    Your described issues are all submitted to the product team.
    Some of them are already known issues.

    The team is actually working on it…but it could take a moment until a fix is available.

    Best regards

  3. Constantin Roman  - 1. December 2015 - 16:30

    So far:
    > The good:
    – easy to install (once you figure out the “Run As Administrator” issue

    > The bad:
    – Not categorized by Service Offerings Categories
    – Once you add a Request Offering to the Favorites (by clicking on the heart), you cannot remove it from Favorites

  4. Eric Berg  - 2. December 2015 - 23:35

    Hi Constantin,

    thank you for your feedback.
    There should be an update in next time…

    Best regards

  5. Dan  - 13. January 2016 - 20:37

    I’m looking to add a new installation of SCSM 2012 R2 to my SC environment. When I look for info on the newer HTML5 deployment scenario requirements, I don’t find very much. What I find mostly discusses needing SharePoint for the portal deployment (pre-HTML5 stuff).

    What I am trying to figure out is whether the portal server has to be installed on a domain member? I see that MS “recommends” having the portal on a 2nd SCSM system (but I believe that a 2nd SM system would have to be a domain member?). I would like to put this SSP in the DMZ for our users in the field (DMZ = workgroup-only systems). So I’m wondering if it is possible to deploy the SSP on a workgroup system that is not a domain member? I think the problem will be providing the account that the SSP needs to use to connect to the SM server. Anyone know if that type of scenario would work? Is it that I will have to use forms-auth versus integrated on the SSP?


  6. Eric Berg  - 14. January 2016 - 13:45


    like already written in the TechnNet Forum…there is no official documentation for this.
    A 2nd SCSM Server is a domain member…so there is no other way.

    For the stand-alone Deployment: I have tried it yesterday in my lab…but it is not working.


  7. Mots Bots  - 19. April 2017 - 14:39

    I am facing an issue with HTML 5. I have had numerous back and fourth emails with Microsoft regarding their HTML 5 portal. I have an issue where all signed in users can see all tickets logged by the system users. everyone in the domain looks to have admin rights login and when the ticket is logged it appears as if the admin has logged them. After seeing your post I wanted to know if you managed to resolve this issue.

  8. Eric Berg  - 19. April 2017 - 21:41


    unfortunately i am not a big fan o the SCSM HTML5 Portal. So actually i do not know this issue in the actual version of the portal.


  9. SCSMNewBee  - 19. September 2017 - 08:33

    I am using now SCSM 2012 R2 HTML5 Web Portal with connection in AD, but I cannot login using my Domain Account. Only Admin can login in Web Portal.

    Have you encountered this issue?

    Thank you

  10. Eric Berg  - 25. September 2017 - 11:40

    never had this issue…sry
    Maybe TechNet Forums will help you

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