Windows 10 for Enterprises – Collection of Links and Tipps

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Everybody is talking about Windows 10. Desktop-Admins responsible for rolling out Windows 10 in the Enterprise, Server-Admins trying to run any Management tool on it and also all the HomeUsers trying to find the good old Movie Maker in Windows 10…

There is a solution for every problem and an answer to every question…but you have to find it in the World Wide Web…

But this is the issue…there are so many locations you can find things…some a bit more important than others…some wrong…some to old…

A one-fits-all solutions is also not in this post….but i found an interesting document, collecting lots of Links, Videos, Downdloads and Tipps regarding Windows 10 for IT-Pros.

Windows 10 IT Pro Content Map

In this Excel-file you will find everything your heart deserves:



So enjoy…

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