Windows Server Technical Preview – Cluster Functional Level

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In my last article i wrote about the new upgrade capabilities for hyper-v Clusters in Windows Server Technical Preview.

I mentioned the Cluster Functional Level.


While upgrading the cluster you are running a mixed-mode. So you are running Windows Server 2012 R2 and vNEXT in the same Cluster.

This is similar to Active Directory…

To avoid problems in cluster functionality, in mixed mode only down-level features are supported.

Cluster Functional Level

After all clsuter nodes are upgraded successfully you want to switch your cluster to support the new level features. Therefor you have to raise the cluster funtional level with powershell


Now your cluster is running in new mode but your VMs are still running in older VM configuration. If you want to use new features (e.g. integration services update via Windows Update) you have to raise the version of VM configuration:


More information in TechNet

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