SCOM – Aktualisierte Management Packs

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In den vergangenen Tagen hat Microsoft eine Vielzahl an Management Packs aktualisiert. Hier eine Übersicht über die Änderungen.
Quelle: Microsoft TechNet Blog

Windows Server DNSVersion: 7.1.10259.0

  • Fixed DNSMetrics2012R2Probe script can cause high CPU in MonitoringHost.exe
  • Changed display string for DNS server groups to be consistent with DHCP server group name
  • Added Dependency health monitor for the group Windows DNS Server 2012 R2 Group

Windows Server DHCP Version: 6.0.7230.0

  • Added Event 1044 to DHCPDatabase Integrity Monitor to Success State
  • Changed Monitor „DHCP Back Up Database Error Monitor“ to have criteria for Healthy or to be Rule Based (it is Manual Reset)
  • Disabled the Unit Monitor Microsoft.Windows.DHCPServer.Library.Database.UnitMonitor.BackupAndRestore.1
  • Adding 2 rules to cover Warning and Error events.
  • Change Monitor „DHCP IPv4 Runtime DNS Registration Monitor“ to have criteria for Healthy or to be Rule Based
  • Disabled the Unit Monitor ID: Microsoft.Windows.DHCPServer.Library.IPv4Runtime.UnitMonitor.DNSRegistration
  • Monitor „DHCP IPv4 Runtime Authorization Needed Monitor“ never returns to green state
  • Adding Event ID 1044 to Healthy State expression
  • Add dependency monitor to DHCP 2012 R2 Servers group

MSMQ 5.0, 6.0, 6.3Version: 7.1.10109.0

  • Updated to support monitoring workgroup machines

Windows Server ClusterVersion: 6.0.7230.0

  • Fixed Cluster 2008 MP does not collect certain performance metrics
  • Added Override to target Virtual Server class for the Discover Multiple Virtual Servers Property for Discovery Data Source to be set to True

Active Directory Domain ServicesVersion: 6.0.8293.0

  • Fixed AD-Trust Monitor does not come back to healthy state
  • Fixed AD_Database_and_Log.vbs does not support using ‘.’ as decimal sign for non-English account

Windows Server Core Operating SystemVersion: 6.0.7230.0

  • Fixed Microsoft.Windows.Server.LogicalDiskDiscovery.Module.Type.vbs script does not discover logical disks with large disk size
  • Fixed Microsoft.Windows.Server.MonitorClusterDisks.vbs causes Operations Manager to fail at starting a process
  • Updated to support two configurable threshold values (waiters and timeouts) for triggering alert ‘MAX concurrent API Reached
  • Disable Logical disk fragmentation monitor by default
  • Add Task launch PowerShell session on the remote machine for All Computers
  • New Task added in Base OS Library MP and target to Windows Server Computer class, so this will be available for all OS versions.
  • Update Cluster Resource discovery to not discover VM’s
  • Adding new Unit monitor to check for service state of Windows Remote Management service and also a task to start it.
  • Add Monitor for Windows Remote Management Service ( WinRM )
  • Fixing an error in a script with a missing alias in the MPElement expression.
  • Adding Slot ID property value to the discovery of network card for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2

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